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Welcome to the new

Posted By on May 21, 2010

I seem to have lost the list I had of old user accounts. But here’s a new site up and running to try to help save things. The old site was a couple years old and kept getting hacked. So the updated code should help keep the script kiddies out. 🙂


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  1. bhep2001 says:


    I am a charter member of Troop 80 (from 1958) and was the first Charter member to make the rank of Eagle Scout.

    I attended the 50th year anniversary event at the park in Mountain View, along with many other Troop members, members, Charter members (myself, Ray Ward the second Charter member Eagle Scout, Craig Schwarz, and Joel Gregowski) and of course the current scouts in the Troop.

    I was wondering why there are no photos from that event on the website. Fifty years is a significant benchmark…..I would think it meaningful., and lasting on the website…..Jimmy Dearmire (Sp?), and Rich Ronchi also Charter members visited with Jim and his wife following that event later in the month also wishing him well…..I am sure many photos were taken, and it would be of value to see recognition of that important event on the website…….you really should make an effort to follow-up on former membership, and see what became of them and how scouting impacted their lives… would be of value…many do still live in Calfiornia. The first Troop 80 Eagle scout was Gerry Cavenas (Sp?) a transfer from another Troop into Troop 80. I believe he too still lives in California and became a teacher.

    I also have my own small set of photos and slides taken from those early years which includes the charter group traveling into the Mono Recesses, and various other locals which include shots of Jim and my father (Kenneth Hepler) the first Assistant Scout Master of the troop…..perhaps at some point they may be of interest to the alumni page…….and the Troop…..History does matter…..and should not be taken for granted.

    Wishing everyone well, keep it going it’s worth it…..

    Brad Hepler
    1244 Whittier Rd
    Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

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